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The puzzle must always represent a challenge commensurate with the abilities of the person facing it. Too easy a puzzle can quickly lose interest in this game while too difficult can cause frustration. To avoid these inconveniences, the best puzzle brands can include a varied product catalog with puzzles suitable for all ages

the quality of the Ravensburger products has allowed the brand to climb the ranking of the puzzle manufacturers and to position itself in the first place by now in different times. in fact the refinement of the box, the thickness and the cut of the tesserae, the bright and bright colors and the beauty of the chosen images are some distinctive features of the Ravensurger puzzles. The themes covered in the ravensurger puzzles are many. landscapes, animals, football, monuments, night lamps …
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Clementoni puzzles

the clementian puzzles are much loved by children thanks to the supercolor collection. they represent the most beloved cartoon characters. then we find masha and bear, paw patrol, minions, spiderman, star wars and many others. adults love the quality of high quality collection images depicting landscapes, monuments, cities and animals. the most suggestive images, the quality of the print, the precision of the joints, the robustness …
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Educa Puzzle

educate puzzles have good quality boxes and a good selection of images, especially for fantasy, art and landscape themes. many of their products are created for children and adolescents. the aim is to create toys to assemble and disassemble, helping children to develop analytical and synthesis skills. and encourage the child to think about the objects around him, thus taking the first steps …
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Schmidt Puzzle

schmidt puzzles have quality images with a wide variety of subjects. the most used themes are: photo puzzles, collages, children, animals, landscapes and art. but their strength is fantasy puzzles. in their catalog they include the works of famous fantasy artists including josephine wall, jacek yerka, ciro marchetti, nene thomas, maxine gadd, arantza sestayo and david delamere. and again thomas kinkade, michael young and …
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Eurographics puzzle

the eurographics puzzles contained in our catalog are really numerous and highly sought after. thanks to the quality of the brand it is possible to have a vast choice of products for children and adults. eurographics produces puzzles with a non-standard grid. they have a wide variety of shapes, with thick blocks, good boxes and a wide range of images available. in fact, it is possible to find many themes such as: animals, landscapes, art, cities, characters, collages, Christmas and many others. the images are sharp and …
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Puzzle Castorland

The castorland puzzles contained in our catalog are really numerous and sought after. in fact, thanks to the quality of the brand it is possible to have a vast choice of products for children of different age groups, and classic puzzles for adults. therefore, it is possible to find many themes: animals, flowers, landscapes, still life, cities, ships, children, angels and many others. the images are sharp and the colors bright and vivid. the puzzles …
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